Dhodro banam

This is a bowed instrument cut out of a solitary log of wood of a tree.


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Music instruments have been a part of the tribal community since time immemorial. Indian tribal dance and music is tuned with the idea of the event whether it is social or ceremonial.

The three most quintessential instruments in tribal music are two sorts of drums, one is called Tumda and the other Tamak, other than Tiriao or flute. The Tumda is a twofold drum looking like a frustum, the drum skins at left and right are made of animal skins. The one at the left has greater perimeter than the other. The Tamak has a hemispherical shape, with a more extensive outline and is played by two drum sticks. Tiriao or essentially a bansuri is a bamboo made melodic instrument with five gaps. Some of the most used tribal instruments of India are described here.


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